• Friends of the Archive

    Friends of the Archive elect a committee of volunteers that includes a chairman, treasurer, secretary, and six
    ordinary committee members, four of whom take responsibility for membership, local liaison, publicity and
    telephone contact. The archivist is an ex officio member of the committee.

    Here is treasurer, Ron Hogg outside the Fishermen’s Rest where the archive held its exhibition as part of theParty on the Pier in March 2012.

  • Newlyn Archive open days

    Partner institutions like the Newlyn Art Gallery and Penlee House Gallery have participated in Newlyn Archive Open Days.

    Here a member of the team at Newlyn Art Gallery works with a child on a project about Seaside Voices at the Open Day Faces of Newlyn held in January 2010.

  • Newlyn Archive activities

    A wide range of people including young people are involved in particular projects, both learning from and contributing to their community archive.

    Here the children from Newlyn School are accompanied by archive secretary Mary Ellery on a walk along the Tolcarne Stream as part of the Bygone Newlyn Project in 2011.

  • The Newlyn Archive is a collection of material about Newlyn.

    The purpose of the archive is to collect, preserve, store and share stories, documents, and pictures relating to the history of Newlyn from distant times until today.

    William Badcock was one of the crew of seven men who sailed the lugger Mystery to Australia in 1854. Here he is back in Newlyn with his wife Harriet.

  • friends of the Newlyn Archive

    Amongst the Friends of the Archive, are a number of people who are willing to display and discuss their very
    considerable private archives at the Open Days.

    Here a small group of Friends listen to Jeff Richards (seated middle) as he shows his album of Newlyn
    postcards at the Open Day Fishing at Newlyn held in February 2010.

  • Newlyn Archive open days

    Four annual Open Days, with free admission, focus on a chosen theme, and enable people to enjoy and learn from the archive holdings.

    Here are people at the Newlyn Family Open Day held in November 2011; they are engrossed with the old school photographs showing classes from the Wesleyan School, Newlyn Board School, Trewarveneth Infants andTolcarne School (now Newlyn School).

  • Jan Ruhrmund

    The Archive also provides exhibition material at annual public events held locally such as the Newlyn Fish Festival and the Party on the Pier (British Tourism) or at one‐off events such as the Passmore Edward Centenary that was held at Newlyn Art Gallery in 2011.

    Here is Jan Ruhrmund the Penzance Mayor signing the visitors book with Pam Lomax (seated) at the Newlyn Fish Festival, August 2010.

  • Become a Friend of the Newlyn Archive.

    Friends of the Newlyn Archive are actively involved in creating and fashioning the Newlyn Archive by participating in events, adding to the archive resources, or taking responsibility for research in particular areas of the archive.

    Linda Holmes is a Friend of the Archive whose Penwith family roots go back to the seventeenth century. Here she is with membership secretary Diane Tredinnick talking to a visitor at the June 2010 Open Day Newlyn at War.



Lamorna Archive


At the Boathouse, August 2017

Posted in Newlyn Archive News


Above: A morning at the archive. Visitors with Maurice Bishop, Dave Barron and Sean Perrott.

So much has happened since the last posting in June. The Boathouse is now open to the public Tuesday-Friday (four mornings) from 9.30-12 o'clock, thanks to our generous landlords the Newlyn Harbour Commissioners. We opened with a beautiful new carpet, a suitable blue for the Admiralty Boathouse, provided courtesy of Alfred Smith, Penzance who gave us the carpet and sent a wonderful team to fit and lay it. Our opening events have been successful, thanks to the generosity of Heritage Lottery.

Since we opened our committed team of archive volunteers have provided a super service to old Friends of the Archive and newcomers many of whom have become Friends of the Archive. We still have a lot of work to do. When the chimney is sorted at the back of the room we can move the rest of the archive cabinets down. When we have got a water supply and drain working under the stairs we can be more generous in offering tea and coffee. But progress has been miraculous.


Most recently, Frank Iddiols came to the Boathouse (on Wednesday 23 August 2017 at 12 noon) to present the Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket that he has mounted for the Archive (see picture above). It is now placed inside the front door of the Boathouse about 2' off the ground, as is appropriate. He will now inform Ordnance Survey and update the bench mark database. David Tredinnick presented this bench mark to the archive and it represents 100 years of Newlyn history. Do come and have a look at the bench mark.

As well as opening on our usual mornings we will be open on Bank Holiday Monday from 9.30 until 4 o'clock to coincide with the Newlyn Fish Festival. The entrance to the Fish Festival is just past the Boathouse. Do drop in to see us before enjoying the excitement of the Fish Festival.

We will soon be distributing the poster for our next Open Day at Trinity Centre on Saturday September 2, 2017 10-3.00. Called 'The people who made the harbour at Newlyn' it traces the history of the harbour and its designers, builders, commissioners, harbour masters, fish dealers and fishermen from earliest times until the building of the Mary Williams Pier and the new Fish Market. Please put this date in your diary.