• friends of the Newlyn Archive

    Amongst the Friends of the Archive, are a number of people who are willing to display and discuss their very
    considerable private archives at the Open Days.

    Here a small group of Friends listen to Jeff Richards (seated middle) as he shows his album of Newlyn
    postcards at the Open Day Fishing at Newlyn held in February 2010.

  • Newlyn Archive open days

    Four annual Open Days, with free admission, focus on a chosen theme, and enable people to enjoy and learn from the archive holdings.

    Here are people at the Newlyn Family Open Day held in November 2011; they are engrossed with the old school photographs showing classes from the Wesleyan School, Newlyn Board School, Trewarveneth Infants andTolcarne School (now Newlyn School).

  • Friends of the Archive

    Friends of the Archive elect a committee of volunteers that includes a chairman, treasurer, secretary, and six
    ordinary committee members, four of whom take responsibility for membership, local liaison, publicity and
    telephone contact. The archivist is an ex officio member of the committee.

    Here is treasurer, Ron Hogg outside the Fishermen’s Rest where the archive held its exhibition as part of theParty on the Pier in March 2012.

  • Become a Friend of the Newlyn Archive.

    Friends of the Newlyn Archive are actively involved in creating and fashioning the Newlyn Archive by participating in events, adding to the archive resources, or taking responsibility for research in particular areas of the archive.

    Linda Holmes is a Friend of the Archive whose Penwith family roots go back to the seventeenth century. Here she is with membership secretary Diane Tredinnick talking to a visitor at the June 2010 Open Day Newlyn at War.

  • The Newlyn Archive is a collection of material about Newlyn.

    The purpose of the archive is to collect, preserve, store and share stories, documents, and pictures relating to the history of Newlyn from distant times until today.

    William Badcock was one of the crew of seven men who sailed the lugger Mystery to Australia in 1854. Here he is back in Newlyn with his wife Harriet.

  • Jan Ruhrmund

    The Archive also provides exhibition material at annual public events held locally such as the Newlyn Fish Festival and the Party on the Pier (British Tourism) or at one‐off events such as the Passmore Edward Centenary that was held at Newlyn Art Gallery in 2011.

    Here is Jan Ruhrmund the Penzance Mayor signing the visitors book with Pam Lomax (seated) at the Newlyn Fish Festival, August 2010.

  • Newlyn Archive activities

    A wide range of people including young people are involved in particular projects, both learning from and contributing to their community archive.

    Here the children from Newlyn School are accompanied by archive secretary Mary Ellery on a walk along the Tolcarne Stream as part of the Bygone Newlyn Project in 2011.

  • Newlyn Archive open days

    Partner institutions like the Newlyn Art Gallery and Penlee House Gallery have participated in Newlyn Archive Open Days.

    Here a member of the team at Newlyn Art Gallery works with a child on a project about Seaside Voices at the Open Day Faces of Newlyn held in January 2010.



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Open Day, Fishing out of Newlyn, Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6, 9.30-3.30

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Poster 2The next Newlyn Archive Open Day is on Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6, 9.30-3.30 at Trinity Centre Newlyn. Unusually, this is a two-day event, and the focus is a key area of Newlyn History, Fishing out of Newlyn. Way back in the 1960s, when Newlyn Archivist Pam Lomax was a student at London University, she undertook an assignment on fishing and discovered that Newlyn was the most important fishing port in England. At that time she knew little else about Newlyn! Hopefully, the younger generation of today can learn a lot about their fishing heritage from the forthcoming Open Day with its extensive exhibition about the harbour, the fish market, and the fishing boats and their skippers and crews (including the famous PE 233 Mystery and PZ 87 Rosebud).

Many of the photographs come from the collections of people whose history is closely tied to Newlyn. From Billy Stevenson's collection are pictures of fishing boats like FR 242 Efficient, which was converted by the Stevenson family for trawling in 1938, and became PZ 513 Excellent after the war. These photos are accompanied by fascinating stories and anecdotes about the history of the boat and its crews.

From Margaret Williams' collection is a picture of the Newlyn fisherman's choir that sung at Whitby in 1885 to raise funds to build the South Pier, alongside other pictures of the building of Newlyn Harbour.

Maurice Bishop's photographs of the Newlyn fishmarket taken during his forty-year service there include some remarkable photographs of Princess Diana's visit to open the new Fish Market. His interest in fishing boats also led to his fascinating collection of boat tallies which identify the fishing boats that have unloaded their cargo at the fish market, which will also be on show.

Alongside the exhibition, visitors can look at some of our archive display books showing the growing PZ Fishing Boat data base which Linda Holmes is developing. Denny Harvey will be on call with advice about how to get your old video tapes copied for the archive. There will also be films about Newlyn, a quiz linked to the exhibition for youngsters, the book stall manned by Liz Harman and visitor Mike Butts, and some knowledgeable old Newlyners who are happy to share their memories.

pdfPoster_Fishing_2013.pdf25/06/2013, 11:06

Other News

Sadly we have heard of the death of Mary Llewellyn who many Friends of the Archive will remember from their schooldays at Tolcarne School in the immediate post-war period.

The minute book of the Newlyn Society of Artists 1924-1929 has been acquired for the West Cornwall Art Archive which is now part of the Newlyn Archive. This is the only minute book that was missing from the complete set. The original minute books are stored at Penlee House Museum and Art Gallery but will be included in the Newlyn Archive Catalogue in due course.



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02Church, Chapel and Playtime, Saturday April 27 2013

The 'rude', 'gaping', Newlyners addressed by John Wesley in 1747 were soon silenced by what they saw and heard. By contrast their successors, present day Newlyners, responded with animated discussions and delight as they viewed the latest exhibition mounted by the Newlyn Archive. 'Church Chapel and Playtime' celebrated a period in the history of Newlyn when the spiritual, social and leisure time of villagers centred largely on chapel and church activities. It recalled a time when Sundays were reserved for chapel, Sunday-best clothes and rest from labour, while weekdays and holidays were punctuated by choir practise, edifying bible study, lectures and memorable outings to local beauty spots. Fascinating displays of photographs and illustrations set alongside contemporary records and explanatory notes, generated lively discussion and pleasure as many visitors were able to assist in identifying locations and family connections.

Church, Chapel, and Playtime was the second of our scheduled Open Days at Trinity Centre for 2013. 144 people visited the Exhibition no doubt encouraged by our growing reputation, the attractive poster and the preview that was printed in the Western Morning News. Thanks to Jerry Drew, the hall at Trinity was enlivened by the magnificent banner created nearly one hundred years ago for the Wesleyan Band of Hope. As well as the usual excellent display of photos and information, Douglas Williams showed his personal collection of material related the Ebenezer and Centenary Chapels, which included two original chapel minute books. An innovation this time was to set up a table just for the sale of books, overseen by Liz Harman; a second table was manned by Den Harvey who armed with two laptops was ready to supply information at the click of the mouse; a third table was occupied by an interesting display of photos of Trinity 'Bright Hour'.

The most remarkable 'exhibit' was the beautifully designed and created 'Sanctuary'. As part of the church fabric, the sanctuary provides a focus for worship at Trinity. The immense skill and thought which lay behind its creation blended references to the local area, including the fishing industry, Cornish wildlife and landscape, with the symbolism of Christian belief. In an exhibition highlighting the past, it was good to see an area created for the pleasure and spiritual benefit of the current generation of Newlyn worshippers. Julian Drew, Victoria Reed, Michael Johnson and David Need have created a significant contribution to the heritage of present and future Newlyners. (Thanks to Andrew Gordon and David Tredinnick for this review)

NEWS FLASH Fishing Out of Newlyn

The next Open Day is a 2-day event at Trinity on Friday and Saturday 5 and 6 July 2013 10-3.30. We will be exploring the history of fishing at Newlyn, the development of Newlyn as a major UK Fishing Port, the infra-structure that emerged to support this, and the people involved. We will also have available our display books on PZ fishing boats. If anyone has anything to contribute to this Open Day please contact Pam Lomax on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Linda Holmes on 01736 364537.

NEWS FLASH Put the Date in Your Diary

The Newlyn Archive is organising a slide show of paintings and old photographs with poetry at The Acorn Theatre, Penzance on Wednesday, July 17 2013, 3-4pm as part of the 2013 Literary Festival. The picture show depicts work and play; celebration and mourning; war and peace; and achievement and failure. It is accompanied by a reading of poetry mainly by local poets including Batten, Barron, Bond, Harman, Kingsley, Parke, Pilcher, Rablan, Ruhrmund.