Event at the Acorn

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3868It might not have been quite the standard of the NADS (Newlyn Artists Dramatic Society) but the team of Friends from the Newlyn Archive who entertained an audience of 24 people at the Acorn Theatre from 3.00-4.00 pm on Wednesday July 17 2013 as part of the Penzance Literary Festival got as much enjoyment from the event as did the audience.

It was Ron Hogg's first public performance. 'I have never taken part in a public poetry reading before, standing on a stage, with the spotlight on me and seven other readers. Each of us taking turns to read our various poems, the audience hidden in the outer darkness. One of my poems was by a fishing boat skipper, who told the story of his fishing boat being sunk, his descent into despair and heavy drinking, followed by his re-emergence and triumph of going to sea again and returning with a record catch. Uniquely, our readings were accompanied by pictures from the Archive arranged to illustrate the poems being read. At the finish we were given enthusiastic feedback by members of the audience, including an invitation to perform to a local history group being formed on the Lizard, so "as to show them what can be done".

Andrew Gordon has performed before but he found reading the works of a renowned local poet in his presence was not easy and was reassured to receive his approval after the performance. 'It was a pleasure to present a celebration of Newlyn's past to such an appreciative audience', says Andrew. 'The combination of nostalgic and comic verse created by local poets, and the wonderful Newlyn dialect of some of the team of readers (David and Diane Tredinnick, Goff Johns and Liz Harman) created a magic atmosphere, which was enhanced by the pictures that were projected. It was particularly pleasing to hear some of our members unfamiliar with the joys and pressures of performing under the glare of stage lighting (Jean and Tom Lodge, and Ron Hogg) reading poems with such care and clarity. Readers and listeners enjoyed the afternoon and that is the only measure of success which really matters'.


Review of Fishing Out of Newlyn

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Newlyn's fishing industry has always responded vigorously to changing economic, political and demographic demands. The first two-day Newlyn Archive exhibition on July 5-6 2013, gave visitors an opportunity to enjoy a display of the industry's proud past. As ever, the collection of material provoked animated discussion. Photographs of individual boats were set alongside those of a harbour filled with the extensive fleet which regularly brought a rich harvest back to Newlyn. Images of the development of the fish market were reminders of the busy early mornings by the quay as auctioneers 'rattled' through the sales and market workers loaded carts and lorries in readiness for the long journey to London and beyond.

As well as the exhibition boards, visitors could marvel at the model fishing boats (including PZ 87 Rosebud) loaned by Raymond Peake, who has provided a great deal of information to the archive and visited the open day on Saturday. Many of the other 263 visitors that we
counted for this two-day event were able also to make valuable additions to the Archive's records by adding or correcting information; not surprising given the background of some of our visitors who included fishermen and boat masters, the harbour master Andrew Munson, 'Patch' Harvey the current coxswain of the Penlee Lifeboat, Matt Harvey from W Harvey & Sons, Billie Stevenson (who knows more about Newlyn fishing boats than anyone else) and his daughter Elizabeth, both from W Stevenson & Sons.

We also had two very knowledgeable visiting experts taking part in the open day. Mike Buttery was on hand with his extensive lists of PZ Fishing Boats, his beautifully crafted plaques and some marvellous anecdotes concerning the pre-eminence of Mousehole's fishing industry in times past! Maurice Bishop brought some of his collection of Newlyn Harbour photographs, taken over a period of 40 years and also his book of fishing boat Tallies, which was both envied and admired by many.

Other members of the Archive Committee were also on hand. Linda Holmes, who is compiling extensive records of PZ registered boats, was busy collecting additional information and anecdotes about the boats and their crews from people whose families had been associated with fishing for generations. Denton Harvey was available to receive old video material that he will copy to DVDs for the archive's growing collection of film material. He was also able to show visitors some fascinating film clips of fishing boats at sea and the old ice works in operation. The rest of the archive committee helped with people's enquiries, while the faithful group of Friends who help man the door at these events were kept extra busy, and on the Saturday Jerry Drew was helped by the Newlyn Guides in providing delicious pasties and much appreciated tea and coffee. (Andrew Gordon, 14/7/2013)


AN ENTERTAINMENT FROM THE NEWLYN ARCHIVE at The Acorn, Penzance Wednesday July 17 2013 3.00-4.00pm. Tickets £2 at the door. The Poetry is read alongside a slide show of old photographs and paintings from the Newlyn Archive and paintings by the Newlyn Colony of Artists

A Programme of Poems & Pictures

AW Rablan, Hurrah for the Lads of Newlyn. Liz Harman, My love is a blue-eyed Cornishman. Liz Harman, Departure. Liz Harman 1943. Frank Ruhrmund, Night. Fred Steele, Resurrection. AT Bond, Pilchards: a memory. Frank Ruhrmund, Brother John. Charles Kingsley, The Three Fishers. Ben 'Benny' Batten, Hopeless Dawn. Liz Harman, Moored Up. Anon, Newlyn Kaleidoscope. Frank Ruhrmund, This is my town. Frank Ruhrmund, Granny. Anon, Miss Phyllis. Anon, Song of a Newlyn Fisherman. Jolly Roger, A Ballad of Tolcarne Inn. Dave Barron, The Storm. Penny Lally, Ode to an ice-cream. Charles Parke, We're 80 years old. Ben 'Benny' Batten, Buccas Computer. Ann Pilcher, The Housewife. Ann Pilcher, Home Kitchen. Liz Harman, 'Eavy Cake. Ben Batten, Cornish Heaven.



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02Church, Chapel and Playtime, Saturday April 27 2013

The 'rude', 'gaping', Newlyners addressed by John Wesley in 1747 were soon silenced by what they saw and heard. By contrast their successors, present day Newlyners, responded with animated discussions and delight as they viewed the latest exhibition mounted by the Newlyn Archive. 'Church Chapel and Playtime' celebrated a period in the history of Newlyn when the spiritual, social and leisure time of villagers centred largely on chapel and church activities. It recalled a time when Sundays were reserved for chapel, Sunday-best clothes and rest from labour, while weekdays and holidays were punctuated by choir practise, edifying bible study, lectures and memorable outings to local beauty spots. Fascinating displays of photographs and illustrations set alongside contemporary records and explanatory notes, generated lively discussion and pleasure as many visitors were able to assist in identifying locations and family connections.

Church, Chapel, and Playtime was the second of our scheduled Open Days at Trinity Centre for 2013. 144 people visited the Exhibition no doubt encouraged by our growing reputation, the attractive poster and the preview that was printed in the Western Morning News. Thanks to Jerry Drew, the hall at Trinity was enlivened by the magnificent banner created nearly one hundred years ago for the Wesleyan Band of Hope. As well as the usual excellent display of photos and information, Douglas Williams showed his personal collection of material related the Ebenezer and Centenary Chapels, which included two original chapel minute books. An innovation this time was to set up a table just for the sale of books, overseen by Liz Harman; a second table was manned by Den Harvey who armed with two laptops was ready to supply information at the click of the mouse; a third table was occupied by an interesting display of photos of Trinity 'Bright Hour'.

The most remarkable 'exhibit' was the beautifully designed and created 'Sanctuary'. As part of the church fabric, the sanctuary provides a focus for worship at Trinity. The immense skill and thought which lay behind its creation blended references to the local area, including the fishing industry, Cornish wildlife and landscape, with the symbolism of Christian belief. In an exhibition highlighting the past, it was good to see an area created for the pleasure and spiritual benefit of the current generation of Newlyn worshippers. Julian Drew, Victoria Reed, Michael Johnson and David Need have created a significant contribution to the heritage of present and future Newlyners. (Thanks to Andrew Gordon and David Tredinnick for this review)

NEWS FLASH Fishing Out of Newlyn

The next Open Day is a 2-day event at Trinity on Friday and Saturday 5 and 6 July 2013 10-3.30. We will be exploring the history of fishing at Newlyn, the development of Newlyn as a major UK Fishing Port, the infra-structure that emerged to support this, and the people involved. We will also have available our display books on PZ fishing boats. If anyone has anything to contribute to this Open Day please contact Pam Lomax on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Linda Holmes on 01736 364537.

NEWS FLASH Put the Date in Your Diary

The Newlyn Archive is organising a slide show of paintings and old photographs with poetry at The Acorn Theatre, Penzance on Wednesday, July 17 2013, 3-4pm as part of the 2013 Literary Festival. The picture show depicts work and play; celebration and mourning; war and peace; and achievement and failure. It is accompanied by a reading of poetry mainly by local poets including Batten, Barron, Bond, Harman, Kingsley, Parke, Pilcher, Rablan, Ruhrmund.



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Our first Open Day of 2013 Painters and Posers was a great success, with 138 people enjoying the Exhibition and a great deal of good feedback. We much appreciated the contribution made by the visiting exhibitors: Penlee House with its exhibition of photos of fishwives, Alan Shears with his fine collection of costumes and other artefacts, and the mind-provoking activity What do you love about Cornwall? Many people were delighted and intrigued by the film made by Aidan Doyle from Penpol School, Hayle, showing pupils from the school interacting with some of the paintings at Penlee House. His use of electronic wizardry enabled the ‘posers’ in some well known paintings to come to life and talk about the picture, before stepping back into the picture. We were very pleased to receive a lot of interesting new material for the archive and our thanks go to all those who have donated, let us copy or shown us interesting items. Thanks also to our sponsors who are listed on the programme.

News Flash: We have completed the evaluation for our HLF grant and HLF have released the final £1500 grant and signed us off!

News Flash: The review of the year 2012 is finished and you can download it from the website.

News Flash: We are continually updating our archive list so please look at the section that interests you. The date on the bottom will tell you if it has been updated since you last viewed it.

News Flash: Newlyn Archive are a partner to the Newlyn Works project which is going to work with teenagers in Newlyn on a range of heritage projects. There are lots of partners to the project including, Three Villages Youth Club, The Copperworks, Newlyn School of Art, Ebb and Flow, and The Centre. The project is being co-ordinated by Kernow Education Arts Partnership working with local consultants Perfect Moment and a bid for project funding will be put into the Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots project at the end of February.

News Flash: We are preparing the next Open Day, Church, Chapel and Playtime and would welcome new material for it.


Newlyn Archive News

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The recent Newlyn Archive Open Day, The Shops that Grandma Used and the Pubs where Grandpa Drank was a huge success with nearly 200 people visiting the exhibition in the five hours it was open. We also had the most successful day this year with respect to donations, with visitors giving almost £140 to the Archive.

Of great excitement was the launch of the new book, Newlyn at School. We have already sold 154 of the 500 books printed and thanks to the sponsorship of Barnes Thomas ( have already covered the cost of producing the book, which means that the profits of future sales go to maintaining the archive.

One of the reasons why the project on shops was such a great success is the generosity of local shopkeepers whose sponsorship of the project has raised £330 for the archive. We hope that our rolling picture show is a thank you to our sponsors.

The Shops Project was also sponsored by part of the £3000 grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund and from a £250 grant made by The Co-operative Membership Community Fund.



The Newlyn Archive receives lottery fund support

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newlyn-archive-lottery-awardedA PROJECT set up to integrate the West Cornwall Art Archive into the Newlyn Archive and make its contents available to a wider audience has received much-needed funding to support it over the coming year. The Newlyn Archive, which operates the project, has been given £3,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as well as £1750 from the Trustees of the old West Cornwall Archive and £250 from local benefactors.

The West Cornwall Art Archive is a collection of documents related to the history of art and artists in Newlyn and other areas of West Cornwall. Formerly housed at the Hypatia Trust, it was officially handed to the Newlyn Archive in April 2012. Volunteers from the 200-strong Friends of the Newlyn Archive are sorting through the material, contained in 60 boxes and a number of filing cabinets, and listing it for integration with existing archival material about Newlyn’s rich art history.