Newlyn Art Industries Open Day, November 2013

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904In 1891, the Cornish Telegraph named Barret (sic) and Pezzack as the main teachers of the Industrial Class, assisted by Mackenzie, Bramley, Gotch and Craft, who all taught the classes in the first four months of 1891. Norman Garstin, writing in the Studio in 1896, some six years after they had started, identified a school master, a rich man, and a telegraph clerk as the founders of the classes but does not name them. Two years later (1896), Stanhope Forbes named Thomas Bedford Bolitho along with Thomas Cooper Gotch and Percy Craft as being the founders of the industrial classes. Presumably all these men played a part but the main force must have been the powerful Thomas Bedford Bolitho who provided the initial capital and the premises in the Fradgan.

The next Newlyn Archive Open Day on November 16 2013 explores the origin and development of the Newlyn Industrial Classes into the Newlyn Art Metal Industry and Goff and Betty Johns show some of the amazing copper work produced by Goff's grandfather Thomas Batten, who was one of the craftsmen who took the work forward in the period between the two wars.

We also explore Newlyn's world-famous potteries including RT Dick's Pumcetto pottery, Maggi Fisher's Celtic Pottery, Alan Brough's pottery in Duke St, Dennis Lane's Newlyn Harbour Pottery at 58 Strand, Peter Ellery's Tremaen Pottery on the Norrad Slip and Benny Sirota and Leslie Illsey's Troika Pottery in the Fradgan. You will be able to listen to some old gramophone records made by Barbara Wootton née Ellery who once worked at Tremaen Pottery.

Alongside metal work and pottery, Newlyn is famous for its sculptors, enamelling on gold and silver, the old Newlyn Press, Alec Walker's Cryséde and much else.

Come and browse through our display albums and share your knowledge about the Newlyn Art Industries with us, to help plug the gaps in our archive knowledge. Entry is free. Refreshments are available. You can also purchase our books and surplus archive ephemera.

And in the evening

Join us for the Annual Entertainment at the Newlyn Gallery on 16/11/2013, 7-9pm. Join us for two very funny Cornish readings, The Coop and Romance by Randle Hurley. Goff Johns introduces Randle Hurley's work and David Tredinnick directs some of your favourite local actors. Refreshments available. Free entry to Friends of the Archive. £5 visitors.

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The Newlyn Art Industries

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The next Newlyn Archive Open Day is on November 16 2013 9.30-3.00 at Trinity Centre, Newlyn.

Do join us.

And in the evening

Join us for the Annual Entertainment at the Newlyn Gallery on 16/11/2013, 7-9pm for two very funny Cornish readings, The Coop and Romance by Randle Hurley. Goff Johns introduces Randle Hurley's work and David Tredinnick directs some of your favourite local actors. Refreshments available. Free entry to Friends of the Archive. £5 visitors.


Open Day, Fishing out of Newlyn, Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6, 9.30-3.30

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Poster 2The next Newlyn Archive Open Day is on Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6, 9.30-3.30 at Trinity Centre Newlyn. Unusually, this is a two-day event, and the focus is a key area of Newlyn History, Fishing out of Newlyn. Way back in the 1960s, when Newlyn Archivist Pam Lomax was a student at London University, she undertook an assignment on fishing and discovered that Newlyn was the most important fishing port in England. At that time she knew little else about Newlyn! Hopefully, the younger generation of today can learn a lot about their fishing heritage from the forthcoming Open Day with its extensive exhibition about the harbour, the fish market, and the fishing boats and their skippers and crews (including the famous PE 233 Mystery and PZ 87 Rosebud).

Many of the photographs come from the collections of people whose history is closely tied to Newlyn. From Billy Stevenson's collection are pictures of fishing boats like FR 242 Efficient, which was converted by the Stevenson family for trawling in 1938, and became PZ 513 Excellent after the war. These photos are accompanied by fascinating stories and anecdotes about the history of the boat and its crews.

From Margaret Williams' collection is a picture of the Newlyn fisherman's choir that sung at Whitby in 1885 to raise funds to build the South Pier, alongside other pictures of the building of Newlyn Harbour.

Maurice Bishop's photographs of the Newlyn fishmarket taken during his forty-year service there include some remarkable photographs of Princess Diana's visit to open the new Fish Market. His interest in fishing boats also led to his fascinating collection of boat tallies which identify the fishing boats that have unloaded their cargo at the fish market, which will also be on show.

Alongside the exhibition, visitors can look at some of our archive display books showing the growing PZ Fishing Boat data base which Linda Holmes is developing. Denny Harvey will be on call with advice about how to get your old video tapes copied for the archive. There will also be films about Newlyn, a quiz linked to the exhibition for youngsters, the book stall manned by Liz Harman and visitor Mike Butts, and some knowledgeable old Newlyners who are happy to share their memories.

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Other News

Sadly we have heard of the death of Mary Llewellyn who many Friends of the Archive will remember from their schooldays at Tolcarne School in the immediate post-war period.

The minute book of the Newlyn Society of Artists 1924-1929 has been acquired for the West Cornwall Art Archive which is now part of the Newlyn Archive. This is the only minute book that was missing from the complete set. The original minute books are stored at Penlee House Museum and Art Gallery but will be included in the Newlyn Archive Catalogue in due course.


Open Day Church, Chapel and Playtime, Saturday 27 April 2013

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The next Archive Open Day, Church, Chapel and Playtime on Saturday 27 April 2013, 10.00-3.30 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn, provides a history of the churches, chapels and other religious institutions that have existed in Newlyn from earliest times until the post-war period and describes their role in the social life of Newlyn.

The location of the Open Day is the main hall in the old Wesleyan Sunday school built in Jack Lane in 1912 alongside the older Chapel built in 1832. When the Sunday school was converted into Trinity Centre in 2007, a new Sanctuary was built opening from the main hall. This will be open during the Open Day and visitors will have the opportunity to see the wonderful woodwork, copper work & stained glass used to create it by local craftsmen David Need (carpentry), Michael Johnson (copper) & Victoria Reid (stained glass). Included in the exhibition will be photographs showing how the work was installed. There will also be a display of relevant artefacts including the stone-laying implements used to build Trinity Sunday School. Visitors may also watch the short film, Songs of Praise, in which the Newlyn Male Choir (based at Trinity) sings at the (then) new Fish Market.

The main exhibition covers the history of the Anglican Church of St Peter's, the Wesleyan Chapel at Trinity and the two Primitive Methodist Chapels, the Ebenezer in Boase Street and Centenary at Bellevue; it explores the role that these institutions have played in the educational and social life of the Newlyn community. There are also exhibition boards about Paul Church, Sancreed Church, Methodist Chapels at Mousehole, the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen and the Fishermen's Rest at Newlyn Town.

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Painters and Posers

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Front. JPEGSaturday March 2, 2013 10.00-3.30 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn TR18 5AP

David Tredinnick coined the term ‘posers’ for the models of the Newlyn artists, past and present.
The exhibition explores the conflicting claims about the identity of some of the ‘posers’. Stories about ‘posers’ who made the headlines, such as Eileen O’Henry (who posed for TC Gotch and Laura Knight) and was shot and killed by her jealous lover John Currie in 1914, or Swedish-born artist Rolf Jonsson (married to ‘poser’ Annie Payne) who was jailed for spying from The Chalet in the Ropewalk at Newlyn in 1915.

We focus on Phyllis Gotch and Alec Forbes who posed for their famous parents throughout their childhoods. Phyllis Gotch was the Child Enthroned and the Heir to All the Ages. Alec Forbes, aged 4 was painted by his mother Elizabeth standing on a chair framed by a Newlyn copper charger; Elizabeth based Myles, the hero of her lavish publication, King Arthur’s Wood, on him. Stanhope painted him in 1915 when he posed in his Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry uniform; he died on active service soon after.

Alan Shears will be showing some of the clothes and jewellery worn by Newlyners who ‘posed’ for the early Newlyn artists.

Penlee House and Gallery are providing a display about fishwives from their collection. Fishwife Betsy Lanyon made a living as a fish hawker but by 1883 she is listed in Langley's diary as one of his models; he paid 6d an adult and 3d a child. By 1891 aged 84, Betsy listed herself in the census as ‘an artist’s model’.

Actors are also ‘posers’. How do our St Peter’s Players (formed 1962) compare with the Newlyn Artists Dramatic Society (NADS) which was formed in 1884?

We will be showing some of Bernard Evans’ more recent paintings of Newlyn Fish Market alongside some earlier works by the old Newlyn Artists. See if you can identify some of the men who have worked in the Newlyn Fish Market in the last 30 years and are depicted in Bernard’s work.

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