Just Published

Henry Martin’s painting is reproduced in a new book that the Archive has published. The book, Walk Newlyn, costs £5. Order Forms for the new book are available on the Website. Picture: Henry Martin, Breakneck Alley, private collection. We were surprised at how much has changed in Newlyn since earlier walk books were published and […]

Artists at Gwavas Terrace

The Tonkins cottage was on the southern corner of Gwavas Terrace which consisted of a number of dwellings. There was a small strip of garden at the front and two front doors; one led to the Tonkins cottage and the other to that of their nearest neighbour. The other dwellings of Gwavas Terrace were accessed […]

The Tolcarne Inn c1912

The painting by Alec Walker shows Jessie Bray and Grace Thomas behind the bar of the Tolcarne Inn. Jessie Bray owned the Tolcarne in the late 1800’s. Her daughter Grace Thomas took over from her until the St Austell Brewery bought the Inn  in the 1960’s.  During the early years, many Newlyn artists drank there, […]

Your second quiz

NAME THE INN, THE LANDLADY AND HER DAUGHTER. This painting was done by Alec Walker c1912 and shows the landlady and her daughter behind the bar of a famous Newlyn Inn. The Inn is very ancient and situated next to the sea.

Cliffside Stores

Michael Hitchens, currently in lockdown in Spain, thought the woman in the doorway of the grocery and vegetable shop looked like his grandmother Hannah Deeble Hitchens. A census lists Hannah as the shop manageress with her husband ‘Jack’ Hitchens as bus owner and driver of what was the original brown and cream Penzance-Mousehole bus. However, […]