Newlyn Archive News

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The recent Newlyn Archive Open Day, The Shops that Grandma Used and the Pubs where Grandpa Drank was a huge success with nearly 200 people visiting the exhibition in the five hours it was open. We also had the most successful day this year with respect to donations, with visitors giving almost £140 to the Archive.

Of great excitement was the launch of the new book, Newlyn at School. We have already sold 154 of the 500 books printed and thanks to the sponsorship of Barnes Thomas ( have already covered the cost of producing the book, which means that the profits of future sales go to maintaining the archive.

One of the reasons why the project on shops was such a great success is the generosity of local shopkeepers whose sponsorship of the project has raised £330 for the archive. We hope that our rolling picture show is a thank you to our sponsors.

The Shops Project was also sponsored by part of the £3000 grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund and from a £250 grant made by The Co-operative Membership Community Fund.