Newlyn at Play 1850-1950


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Edited by P Lomax
Published by Newlyn Archive 2014
ISBN 978-0-9567528-2-6
52 pages
68 illustrations
Price £8.00

Sponsored by the Arthur Quiller Couch Memorial Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund and WH Lane & Son

An Overview. Children at Play. Regattas and Aquatic Sports. Clubs for Young People. Newlyn Pageants and Carnivals. Church and Chapel Galas and Choirs. Newlyn Male Voice Choir. Newlyn Rugby Football Club. Index of Surnames

The book contains photographs from earliest times until 1946, with many of the people named. Here are some examples:

Surnames included in the book: Akhurst, Armstrong, Ash, Atkin, Badcock, Baker, Balls, Bannister, Barnes, Barron, Bartle, Bateman, Bath, Batten, Beckerleg, Beechman, Bennetts, Bersey, Billington, Birch, Bishop, Blewett, Blight, Boaden, Bodilly, Bolitho, Bolsom, Bone, Bosworth, Bracy, Bradbeer, Bradley, Bramley, Bray, Brown, Brownfield, Burroughs, Burstow, Caddy, Callenso, Carle, Carter, Caseley, Casley, Cattran, Chadd, Chapman, Chappell, Chapple, Charles, Chiffers, Chirgwin, Chivers, Cobb, Cock, Cocks, Collins, Conboye, Cotton, Couch, Cox, Craft, Cripps, Curnow, Cutcliffe, Dennis, Dick, Dorothy, Downing, Drew, Drummond, Dunn, Eddy, Ellery, Ellis, Fagan, Fenton, Fishburn, Flower, Forbes, Forrest, Fortescue, Foster, Fox, Francis, Fry, Gale, Gardiner, Garnier, Garstin, Gendall, George, Gilbert, Gillard, Glasson, Goody, Gotch, Gough, Green, Guy, Hale, Hall, Hancock, Hanes, Harding, Harman, Harris, Harry, Harvey, Hichens, Hicks, Hill, Hitchin, Hoare, Hodder, Hogg, Holmes, Hooper, Hornbrook, Hosken, Hosking, Humphrey, Hunkin, Hunter, Hutchin, Ingram, Ireland, Jackson, James, Jelbart, Jelbert, Jenkin, Jesse, Jewell, Johns, Kelynack, Kerr, Kipling, Kitchen, Kliskey, Kneebone, Knowles, Lach-Szyrma, Landry, Langmaid, Lanyon, Lawrence, Lawton, Leaton, Lodge, Lovegrove, Maclean, Maddern, Mann, Marks, Marrack, Marshall, Mather, Matthews, McClary, McKenzie, Mills, Millward, Mitchell, Mollard, Morris, Murley, Murrey, Murton, Musgrave, Myran, Nash, Nicholas, Nicholls, North, Northey, Oates, Oats, Olds, Oliver, Opie, Osborne, Parker, Paul, Payne, Paynter, Peake, Pearce, Pender, Pengelly, Penrose, Pentreath, Perran, Perrott, Phillips, Phillpotts, Pilkerton, Plumbridge, Pollard, Porter, Procter, Prowse, Pryor, Quick, Radford, Rees, Reynolds, Richards, Ridge, Roberts, Robynsonne, Rodda, Roderick, Rogers, Rossiter, Rouffignac, Rowe, Ruhrmund, Russell, Sampson, Sedgeman, Sharp, Shears, Simons, Simpson, Sleeman, Smith, Snell, Spargo, Stafford, Stevens, Stevenson, Stone, Strick, Sullivan, Swanson, Symons, Taylor, Theaker, Thomas, Thurban, Todd, Toman, Tonkin, Trahair, Trembath, Treneer, Trenoweth, Trevithick, Turner, Turney, Uren, Vingoe, Wakfer, Wallace, Wallis, Warren, Waters, Westren, Whatley, White, Williams, Worth, Wright, Wroath.

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