New to the Archive collection

If you were at school in 1991 you would be interested in a new collection of material in the Newlyn Gallery Collection at the Boathouse. Belonging to B was a project initiated by the then director of the Gallery and involved work with children in seventeen Cornish Primary Schools, five of which were in West Cornwall. Children worked with three Theatre Companies (Rotto, Bedlam and Kneehigh) and a number of visual artists, craft artists, photographers, and literary people.
‘Belonging to B’ refers to a sense of place. The project was about local Myths and Legends. Children were involved in creating stories, acting and dancing, and art work which included building massive giants which were paraded through the streets. The collection contains a history of how the project was planned at the gallery, how it was financed and what it cost. Most important is the huge collection of photographs of the events that took place. If you were at primary school at this time you are likely to be in one of these photos. Perhaps you can drop in to the Archive and identify yourself.