Open Day October 21st

Saturday, October 21 from 10 am to 2 pm was Newlyn Archive open day and the theme was Arts and Crafts.

Our Boards displayed the local crafts of copper working, local potters and their pottery and the manufacture of Crysede fabrics. There was a live demonstration by local resident Freddie of trawler net mending and rope splicing. Adam and Michael from the Newlyn Copper Works had brought copper leaf designs and were on hand to explain how their decorations were created and what they were used for. Knot making and textiles were demonstrated by Judith Parkin, who had also brought beautifully brightly coloured pennants and flags made by local school children together with a sampler highlighting the traditional skills used by the local women in the past for mending and decorating clothes.

Diane Donaghue was available for consultations about family, links and histories; Peter Morgan was eager to show off our special Harbour Logs and explain their importance, and Brian Newton had set up a film and media room in which to play our superb collection of archive films. There was a quiz for younger visitors and boxes from our Archive full of more information on arts and crafts for visitors to look at and explore.

There was a raffle with generously donated prizes including: local pottery by Lincoln Kirby Bell; vouchers from the shellfish company Harvey’s, and a voucher for a meal at Mackerel Sky. We had a steady flow of visitors until the close of play, and thanks to all who so generously gave up their time to help the day, go smoothly and be a success – in particular thanks to Sue and Brian Newton, who prepared the boards with the help of Sean Perrott, and set the exhibition up in The Centre. Look out for a follow up in spring, 2024.

Sue Roach