Belonging to be…

Above: The workers in the photo belonged to be at Penlee Quarry in the 1960s. They are Al Cadman, Sam Munkley, Bob Symons, Jack Harvey, David ‘Mullane’ Botto, Peter Davey and an unnamed young man. (Photo courtesy Adrian Nicholas).

You belong to be at Trinity Centre for the Newlyn Archive Open Day on Saturday July 19 2014 from 9.00-3.30. The expression ‘belong to be’ is part of Newlyn speech today. We found it used a number of times by Daphne Du Maurier in her book Jamaica Inn.

The exhibition contains photos and documents about people who ‘belonged to be’ at Newlyn from historic times until the post war period. We also have a display board about the old ‘Lamorna Inn’ (now the ‘Wink’) at Lamorna.

We hope that your find the exhibition enjoyable and instructive but the archive also needs your help to put names to the faces in the photos and to date and identify the events. We have named all the men in the photo above but the young man bottom right. Can you help with his name and the date of the photo which was taken some time in the 1960s? We also need your help to fill up the gaps in the archive. It is important to collect more recent history as well as that of the distant past so please bring your family papers and photos for us to scan. Pete Joseph will be manning his scanner and can copy your photos and documents so that your family ‘belonging to be’ in Newlyn or Lamorna will be on permanent record.

Alongside the display boards and albums we are very fortunate to have Diane Donohue and Denny Harvey whose expertise is available to help you explore your family history. Trinity’s Ebb and Flow project team will also be inviting you to help ‘Spread a little Newlyn sunshine’ by recording your thoughts about Newlyn on the petals of their giant Sunflower.

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