Our first Open Day of 2013 Painters and Posers was a great success, with 138 people enjoying the Exhibition and a great deal of good feedback. We much appreciated the contribution made by the visiting exhibitors: Penlee House with its exhibition of photos of fishwives, Alan Shears with his fine collection of costumes and other artefacts, and the mind-provoking activity What do you love about Cornwall? Many people were delighted and intrigued by the film made by Aidan Doyle from Penpol School, Hayle, showing pupils from the school interacting with some of the paintings at Penlee House. His use of electronic wizardry enabled the ‘posers’ in some well known paintings to come to life and talk about the picture, before stepping back into the picture. We were very pleased to receive a lot of interesting new material for the archive and our thanks go to all those who have donated, let us copy or shown us interesting items. Thanks also to our sponsors who are listed on the programme.

News Flash: We have completed the evaluation for our HLF grant and HLF have released the final £1500 grant and signed us off!

News Flash: The review of the year 2012 is finished and you can download it from the website.

News Flash: We are continually updating our archive list so please look at the section that interests you. The date on the bottom will tell you if it has been updated since you last viewed it.

News Flash: Newlyn Archive are a partner to the Newlyn Works project which is going to work with teenagers in Newlyn on a range of heritage projects. There are lots of partners to the project including, Three Villages Youth Club, The Copperworks, Newlyn School of Art, Ebb and Flow, and The Centre. The project is being co-ordinated by Kernow Education Arts Partnership working with local consultants Perfect Moment and a bid for project funding will be put into the Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots project at the end of February.

News Flash: We are preparing the next Open Day, Church, Chapel and Playtime and would welcome new material for it.