Fradgan Day School
Group 4 at the Wesleyan Day School, Fradgan in 1904 (archive reference 657).

The photograph shows Group 4 at the Wesleyan Day School, Fradgan in 1904 (archive reference 657). Miss Annie Pengelly was the Mistress at the school from 1902-1919, and she could be the young woman in the picture but we do not know for certain and we have not been able to name the children.

The section in the catalogue about Schools contains information and school pictures from the earliest Dame Schools run in private homes to the more formal schools provided later. The churches and chapels provided schools initially, including the Wesleyan School (Champion’s School, named after the first headmaster, John Champion); St Peter’s Mixed School (later for boys only) and St Peter’s Girls School (called the Iron School); and the National Schools at Paul and Mousehole. Later schools were provided by the state: Newlyn Board School (later Newlyn Council School), Trewarveneth Infant School, and Tolcarne School (later Newlyn School). Schools changed their names as new government legislation was introduced, and they catered at different times for infant, junior and senior pupils. The latest archive book Newlyn at School 1846-1946 contains information about schools up until the end of WW2 but there are many school photos in the archive from the end of the war until the end of the twentieth century.

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