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PZ 602 Boy Willie
PZ 602 Boy Willie, 1st class wooden sailing lugger, 1897

PZ 602 Boy Willie was a 1st class wooden sailing lugger built in Newlyn by Henry Peake of Tolcarne in 1897 for James Pender of Mousehole (archive reference 3352). The photo shows her moored at Mousehole harbour. In 1900, the skippers were William Henry Simons (b.1868) and Edgar Reynolds and the crew included William Harvey, Willie Harvey and Willie Bone (archive reference 1014). A Bill of Sale dated 25/3/1918 states that PZ 602 was sold to William Simons by Jas Pender for £150 (archive reference 402). Boy Willie was fishing up to WW2, fitted with a motor. Sold to Falmouth 1940.

The PZ Fishing Boat database is not a catalogue of archive holdings comparable to those provided for the Art Archive and the General Archive. It is rather a store of information about PZ boats that is frequently updated by volunteer Linda Holmes. The data base contains the PZ number and name of the fishing boat with technical information about the boat and information and stories about past owners, masters and crews. There is cross reference to the main archive catalogue (NA) where fishing boat lists, photographs and other material is listed. There are also references to books (author, date of publication and page numbers) and newspaper cuttings that contain information and pictures of the boats. Full details of the books referenced can be provided; newspaper cuttings are kept separately at the archive.

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